A Notepad to Save the World / Kate Axeford

The all new 365-page A4 notepad (lined / unlined). Hard Cover: Sky blue.

  • About this item: Each blank page /day offers a unique opportunity for you to change the world.
  • Whether you sketch, jot or journal, every contribution to this quality notebook could help provide a better planet for our grandchildren.
  • 365 opportunities.
  • Designed with today’s troubles in mind.

Just take a pen / pencil. Add the right mindset and YOU could create:

  •  A formula for world peace.
  • The secret of eternal love.
  •  A recipe for averting disasters.
  • An alphabet that can only spell kind words.
  • A horror story so chilling, it re-freezes Antarctica.
  • A poem so beautiful it moves all dictators to tears.
  • A song with a chorus so powerful, just the strength of one nation singing will reverse all dropped bombs, sending them whistling back to their skies.

This notepad will also give you the chance to:

  • Draw a cheque large enough to end world hunger.
  • Devise the perfect insult: a jibe that sinks so low it will permanently lower all sea levels.
  • Produce plans for a hand-held device giving menopausal women the power to divert excessive night-time heat back into the national grid thus ending fuel poverty/ providing a natural alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Draw up architect plans to convert slaughterhouses into funfair rides for animals.
  • Invent a microphone which doubles up as a lie detector for politicians. 
  • Design a rocket that takes billionaires up into space and leaves them there.

This product is also suitable for household purposes:

E.g. Shopping lists / nasty notes: ‘I don’t want to come home again to this washing up.’  ‘It’s YOUR turn to buy toilet paper.’

  • With one page for each day, the possibilities are endless. Just think what you could achieve in one year! You are only confined by your dreams.
  • Price: This notepad does not cost the earth.
  • Product review: 1.5.  Most customers went on to choose another product.
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Kate Axeford (she/ her) social works by day, plays with words by night. Lives in Brighton loves the sea. Words here and there including Free Flash Fiction, @nffd The Write-in, @paragraphplanet, @pigeonreview, Reflex Fiction Winter longlist, Splonk. Fatal Flaw Lit @KateAxeford

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