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  • New Reading Team

    New Reading Team

    It’s just a couple of weeks until we publish our first edition that has stories from the January 2023 open submission period and we are very excited about that! Ahead of us opening for submissions again for the month of May and the new WestWord Prize closing in June, we have taken on some readers…

  • Writing that has a pulse

    Writing that has a pulse

    Recently a friend shared a quote with me from the poet, Mary Oliver, and also introduced me to her work at the same time as I hadn’t come across her before. I’m very glad I now have as even though I don’t write poetry, and we don’t publish any here at WestWord or over at…

  • Some stories I really like

    Some stories I really like

    As our journal is so new and there are not lots of stories on the site for you to get a feel of the kind of things we like to publish, I thought I’d share some of the micros, flashes and short stories that we’ve published at Retreat West over the years that have really…